Johnny Depp

The real Johnny Depp was executed awhile back for crimes against humanity. See the execution lists videos within the video tab at the top of this website. The one you see in the courtrooms is not the real Johnny Depp but an impersonator.

Here is an old video on Johnny Depp that I put up on Rumble. It’s no longer on YT.

These People Are Sick #JohnnyDepp

Here is some posts Isaac Kappy wrote about Johnny Depp.


I haven’t been watching the Johnny Depp/Amber Heard trial at all. I don’t have any idea what is happening. Don’t take any of it to heart. This isn’t the real Johnny and if it was, you wouldn’t care what happens to him with all the evil he has been a part of.

Truth Social

President Donald J. Trump posted his very first post on his new social media site “Truth Social” that is set to launch for the public on February 21, 2022 (President’s Day). Look at the message he’s sent to all of us Patriots!


This will be like Twitter that we won’t be kicked off of! What are your thoughts?

Proof Brian Laundrie Is Still Alive

As I had said in my video about Brian Laundrie possibly faking his death, everything about his parents finding his body (or a piece of it?) in the woods and a notebook in a dry bag was highly suspicious. His parents never saying anything to Gabby’s family about her whereabouts when Brian came home without her. It’s all suspicious. How could they have found him in the woods in just 30 minutes of looking when the FBI and local police were looking for Brian with cadaver dogs for several weeks and never found anything. They can’t be telling the truth about finding Brian dead.

How could they possibly know he shot himself in the head if only a piece of his jawbone was found? Also, where’s the gun? If they found a gun were his finger prints on it? As I understand it there was no gun found, and his whole body was not found so I have no idea how they are convincing anyone that he shot himself in the head and killed himself.

Also, why did he need to use Gabby’s credit card (fraudulently) and spend $1,000 if (according to his parents) Brian has a bank account with $20,000 in it? This is money Brian’s parents want, of course.

Why would Brian fly back to Florida for a week at the beginning of August 2020 to “empty out a storage locker” to save money on its rental, if he (as stated) had $20,000 at his disposal? The rent on the storage unit was maybe $100 a month. What was the real reason he went back to Florida? Some say he went back to get the second set of keys for the van. He lost the first set at the crime scene where Kylen Schulte and Crystal Turner were murdered. There was found a set of keys where the women were found shot to death. The keys had a membership tag on it to a rock climbing gym which Brian is a member of. Now that the parents are claiming Brian shot himself with a gun, this gives more evidence towards Brian possibly having a gun while in Moab, Utah and using it on these two women.

Another question. Some have said that the Laundrie family is worth millions and they own condos so they have money in real estate. Why did they stay in that same house while people were yelling at them right in front of their home about Gabby and Brian? Why didn’t they fly off somewhere? Why did Christopher Laundrie mow his own lawn when he could have hired someone to mow it for him?

This is also interesting. Printed a day after they had found Gabby deceased in Wyoming.

Roberto? And what is his mother’s name again? Roberta? Didn’t many people claim they thought they saw Brian Laundrie going into Canada? It also says he’s a Federal Agent working for the Federal Government. That’s hard to believe. The watch he is wearing looks similar to the one Gabby had on in this picture.

Watch in photo from Bumble

What do you think? Is Brian Laundrie still alive? If so, is he in Canada? Mexico? Or still in Florida hiding in plain sight? Maybe someplace else?

Is The Gabby Petito Story A False Flag?

I’ve gotten a lot of comments on my videos about Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie saying it’s all a false flag and no one has been murdered. It’s a fake story by the FBI to distract us from the vax, the audit in AZ , Afghanistan, and the volcanoes. Everything that is really going on.

I hope this is true and that this 22 year old girl is still alive. I don’t know what to believe about all of this.

I looked up Florida Crisis Actors. Many people believe the shooting in 2018 at Parkland School was a false flag with crisis actors. One of the victims of this shooting was Chris Hixson the coach from the school.

I noticed that he looked similar to Joe Petito, Gabby’s dad.

People are saying there are codes in the names. Gabby Petito = small talk. Brian Laundrie = Brain Washed.

What do you think? Are we being played by the media or was this young girl really murdered by her fiancé?

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The De-Population Agenda

When you think of the de-population agenda, what and who comes to mind?

Bill Gates?

The Georgia Guidestones?

How do they plan to de-populate the Earth?

“If we do a good job using vaccines, healthcare, and reproductive health services we can lower that by 10 to 15%” says Bill Gates in 2010 about the population.

So one way to de-populate the world is through vaccines. Also did you know that the coronavirus has a patent on it? It’s a man-made virus. It’s a bio-weapon being used worldwide. Now the vaccines are also a new bio-weapon.

If the virus and the mandated vaccines don’t kill us, then the next things on their list is through chemicals in our foods, water and air. Chemtrails, GMOs, fluoride.

They are also planning shortages of food and water until we starve. This is world wide, not just in the United States.

The governments of India, the USA, and many other countries are forcing farmers to destroy their crops and then paying them more than they would have made from selling the crops. This is causing a food shortage. Also a shortage of cotton which goes into clothing, diapers, and many other products.

Some places will not let you buy anything at their stores if you cannot prove that you have had the jabs. So even if they have food, unless you put that poison of a vax in your body you cannot buy food for your family. This is spreading world wide as well.

If all these things don’t de-populate the Earth, then what is next? HARRP.

I did some videos recently of the “snow storm” in Texas and how people were showing on Tik Tok and YouTube how the snow wasn’t real snow. It was chemicals. The storm was man-made.


There are also many reports of women miscarrying their babies after receiving the jab. Others have not been able to become pregnant after receiving the jab. Some say if young people receive the jab(s) they will not be able to have children. Is this where Bill Gates’ “reproduction health services” comes in? No more babies would certainly de-populate the Earth.

So what can we do to fight all of this?

  1. Do not take the jab.
  2. Prepare by stockpiling food and water.
  3. Get emergency supplies like thermo blankets, straws that filter water for safe drinking, generators, battery powered radios and lamps.
  4. Get as far off the grid as you can.
  5. Prepare like your lives depend on it, because they do.