The Podestas and Madeleine McCann

I have had many comments from my videos on Madeleine McCann telling me that somehow the brothers John and Tony Podesta had something to do with Maddie’s “disappearance” and possibly even Ghislane Maxwell was involved. The following video is NOT mine, but I wanted to share it here because it shows how these rumors started. I do believe these three people are horrible criminals who have done disgusting things to children, but I don’t believe they had anything to do with Madeleine McCann, based on what is told in this video and in the documentary with Goncalo Amaral which I have posted on Rumble and You Tube.

Video by Elena Promise on You Tube.

However, Gerald McCann was seen with the “red shoe club” and in this photo with Tony Podesta next to him. So this causes a lot of concern as to what really happened to Madeleine.

I have done videos on what the red shoes represent in the past. In case you don’t know, they are made of the skin of murdered children. There was a radio interview in France where MacCaulay Culkin spoke about this and how Heather O’Rourke’s body was made into shoes. When he was told this Mac threw up on the man’s shoes who was telling him this. The man was a producer or director of the movie MacCauley was working on. At the time MacCaulay was 11 years old.

Epstein’s Flight Log

Here is the flight log that was available 2 years ago. I have not seen the one that is out now, but I have been told that it is edited from this one so some names are actually missing on the “new” list.

Keep in mind some famous people who went to the island (Little St. James Island) arrived using their own private jets so they were not on the flight log. Some also arrived by submarine. I believe there is a Disney Cruise that would bring children there as well (I did a video on this a few years ago). So everyone who went to the island is not on this list, but this does tell us quite a few of the people who did.

Isaac Kappy spoke about the child pedophiles before we ever saw the list and many of the names he gave are on the list; so we know he was telling us the truth.

I’m sorry it’s a little blurry. I took a screenshot from a video I did two years ago. I hope you can still make out the names.

Here are two more lists that are similar and easier to read.

Clearer Picture of Handwriting – The Judds

I apologize for the blurry pictures on the video of “Naomi Judd’s Suspicious Death Part 2”. Here they are so you can compare the handwriting and let me know what you think. Did Naomi write the note?

Another good question is, how did the gun get on the nightstand if she shot herself? They said the note was found next to her yet we saw it on the nightstand as well. How many things were moved and manipulated before the police obtained the search warrant?

Naomi Judd’s Suspicious Death – My Notes


1. What Ki Jenn said in her Tik Tok video. How is it possible that Ashley Judd never heard the gunshot? Also the “comforting friend” never heard the gunshot? But she “discovered” her mother after going upstairs just a minute or so after it happened? What happened to “the comforting friend”?

2. In the NYT article Ashley states that she held her mother’s laboring body after discovering her. So who called 911? Why did the police come and not EMTs? No ambulance?

3. Also in the NYT article Ashley Judd stated that the police conducted FOUR interviews with her. She couldn’t even finished saying goodbye to her mother who hadn’t fully passed on when the police were there because they were interrogating Ashley. Ashley felt like a “suspect in her own mother’s suicide” she said. Why did the police believe Ashley had something to do with it?

4. Ashley said to Diane Sawyer that she “walked her home” when speaking about her mother’s passing. That sounds like murder or an assisted suicide to me. What did she mean by that?

5. Why does Ashley want to protect the privacy of the interviews she had with law enforcement when they came after her mother had allegedly shot herself? She says it’s for her mother’s dignity, but I’m not buying that. How would it help any other family members if she was the only one there with her mother? She never identifies the “comforting friend”.

6. If Ashley knew her mother was so fragile then why was a gun left where her mother could get to it? Why didn’t Ashley see the suicide note if she had visited her mother every day when she was in Tennessee, as she said?

7. Why were both daughters left out of Naomi’s will? 25 million dollars was left only to Naomi’s husband, Larry Strickland.

8. Naomi Judd died just one day before being inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame. Still, both Ashley Judd and Wynonna Judd were there to accept the award. How could they go to this award ceremony just hours after their mother had died? Anyone would have understood if they had rescheduled the ceremony.

9. Wynonna still went touring even without her mother. Seems odd since it was supposed to be done with both of them. I would think she would have cancelled this as well.

10. According to Gematria, a channel on Bitchute, JosephAcquaviva2222 says that Naomi’s death was not a suicide but it was either a hoax and she is still alive, or she was a sacrifice.

What do you think?

President Trump’s Message Today

One thing he said that stuck out to me was, that in the fight for Freedom of Speech “these things must happen IMMEDIATELY and here’s my plan. Within hours of my inauguration.” He said these things must happen IMMEDIATELY. THEN he said “within hours of my inauguration.” So does this mean we won’t have to wait until 2024 to actually see him back in office?

Fighting censorship means a lot to me. As you will see on the social blade information I will post here, I had 174,000 subscribers to my You Tube Channel. This says I made a lot of money but I actually didn’t make any and I was shut down without any warning. At least 30 other channels similar to mine were shut down at the same time also without warning. This shouldn’t happen.

I’m slowly trying to build my channel on You Tube back up but it’s nothing like it used to be. I’m presently at less than 400 subscribers. This is also at least the 3rd time I’ve tried to put my channel back up on You Tube, if not the 4th time.

Another thing that bothers me is, I never received the Silver Play Button Award that creators receive from You Tube after having 100,000 subscribers. I nearly doubled that but I was never given the award. I emailed You Tube but like always I was ignored.

I’m sure I’m not the only Content Creator who was treated this way and I’m glad to see President Trump (yes he’s still MY President!) will continue to fight for us.

What will this fight for Freedom of Speech, even online, mean for you? Tell me in the comments.


Some of My Notes On The Idaho Four Murders Hoax

If you haven’t seen my video “Don’t Believe Everything They Say” then watch this as soon as you’re able. Here are some notes on why I believe the whole story is a hoax (psy-op). I don’t know why, but maybe the media is wanting us to keep our eyes on Idaho so we won’t see other things that are really happening.

  1. The House Was Recently Up For Rent

These two ads for the home where the four college students were “murdered”(allegedly) show a glass door. These are recent ads. When was the door changed to be a solid door with a key code access?

This is the door they keep showing in the news. No blood stains on the white door. Why was a Christmas wreath already up? They died on Nov. 13th and it wasn’t even Thanksgiving break yet.

2. What The Police Said

The two surviving roommates who had their bedrooms in the basement (same floor as the door pictured) said they had gotten up and saw on the second floor that it looked like one of their roommates had passed out. They called friends over. Then after the friends arrived someone called 9-1-1. From that one phone call “multiple people spoke with the 9-1-1 dispatcher before police arrived.” I’m assuming these friends were also college students. Out of all these “multiple” college students none of them told the 9-1-1 dispatcher anything about the multiple stab wounds that four of the roommates had suffered. They only said that it looked like one of the roommates had passed out.

On the news it showed the side of the house had blood dripping down to the outside. They are trying to say it was a massive amount of blood. Yet none of these students (college students. Educated people.) noticed the blood. Were they trying to hide something? Or were these phone calls never made? You notice no one has ever heard the audio of these phone calls like we did for the Heather Turner case from Dallas, Georgia or the Debbie Collier case from Athens, Georgia.

3.  Idaho State Police spokesman Aaron Snell says he didn’t see the scene and didn’t know what the two surviving roommates had seen so he didn’t know why they said it looked like someone was passed out and not that they were stabbed to death. Later, this same spokesman said that they believe it was a targeted attack based on what he saw at the scene of the crime. So did he see it or not? That still doesn’t explain how he could say it was a targeted crime.

Aaron Snell, Police Spokesman for Moscow, Idaho Police Department

4, These “murders” are similar to the Gainesville, Florida murders at a University in 1990 and also the Ted Bundy murders.

5. The coroner said the four students who died were killed in their sleep yet he also said they all had defensive wounds. How is that possible? How can you fight for your defense in your sleep? If the first student that was attacked fought back, then how did the others sleep through the rest? How did the two surviving roommates sleep through it all? Why didn’t the dog bark if they were trying to defend themselves?

6. They try to tell you the exact brand of knife and what type of knife was used in the murders, yet no murder weapon was found.

7. Every possible suspect was cleared immediately. Why?

8. The two surviving roommates who took their time to call 9-1-1 and then only reported a roommate was passed out, were never seen as suspects. YET there was no sign of forced entry into the house. Wouldn’t this make them suspects? They were already in the house and they survived! Why did they call friends to come over before calling the police? And why didn’t they tell police that the others were stabbed to death?

9. Kaylee called or texted her ex boyfriend Jack D. 10 times that night and the last call or text was at 2:54 am. The police say the murders happened around 3am. The coroner says Kaylee was asleep when she was murdered. So she was frantically trying to get in touch with Jack D. up until 2:54 am and fell into such a deep sleep 6 minutes later that she was stabbed to death and stayed asleep? What were her messages to Jack D.? We are never told that. Why didn’t Kaylee call the police instead of her EX boyfriend?

10. Police say the killer was sloppy and left a mess, but still no fingerprints from the killer, no DNA from his hair, nothing?

11. I have more notes at the end of my video. There were no surveillance videos found. This happens every time there’s a hoax. Suddenly there are no cameras or the cameras they have don’t work even if they are brand new (like Sandy Hook).

I believe this whole story is just a psy op and no one was killed. I don’t know the reason for it yet. If it had been guns then the reason would be clear; they are trying to take our guns away. But in this case they say it was a knife. Are they trying to have us live in fear? Or are they keeping our eyes off other things that are really happening so that we can’t stop them? We may find out soon.

“They” Won’t Let Me Go – The Debbie Collier Case

I realize the coroner has ruled this case as a suicide, but I just don’t agree with that at all. Here are some of my thoughts on what might have happened.

Jeffrey Bearden, Debbie Collier’s son, said he wasn’t convinced that it was his mother in the footage from the Family Dollar store. She never wears shorts and it just didn’t look like her posture according to Jeffrey Bearden.

Amanda Bearden, Debbie Collier’s daughter, called law enforcement stating that she knew her mother’s Apple ID and password, however the password didn’t seem to be working. If she knew all this then does this mean she could have sent the Venmo payment to herself from her mother’s phone?

Amanda’s alibi for Saturday afternoon when her mother was missing was that she was cleaning her house. She also said that her mother went to the Family Dollar to get cleaning supplies for Amanda to clean her house. So how did she get the steam cleaner and cleaning solution if they hadn’t bought any cleaning supplies yet? Her steam cleaning her carpet was the reason, Amanda stated, she hadn’t seen her mother’s Venmo message until about 5pm even though it was sent at 3:17pm when Debbie was in the parking lot at Family Dollar (or so it seems). There is no one to back up Amanda’s alibi for being home cleaning.

Andrew Giegerich is Amanda Bearden’s boyfriend and lives with her. No one knows where Andrew was on Saturday September 10th or Sunday September 11th once Debbie’s body was found in Clayton, Georgia (Hambersham County). So what is his alibi?

A recent You Tube video suggested that Andrew’s sister could not stand Amanda Bearden and they had arguments often as well as Amanda having fights with Andrew.

After hearing this I looked up who Andrew Giegerich’s sister is and it turns out to be Morgan Giegerich who is 26 years old and lives in Athens, Georgia the same as her brother, Andrew, Amanda Bearden and Debbie Collier.

Then I compared these two pictures.

“Debbie” at Family Dollar. Morgan Giegerich from her IG photos. Shoes and socks would cover her cross tattoo.

Morgan Giegerich

Many have said on Tik Tok videos and You Tube videos that the person in the Family Dollar footage is wearing a wig. This could be anyone. At least anyone who could get to Debbie Collier and her rented vehicle.

Perhaps the “THEY” in the Venmo message (They won’t let me go) was Andrew Giegerich and his sister Morgan Giegerich.

The message could also just be a lie and not mean anything as I don’t believe Debbie ever sent the Vemo message to begin with. Either Steve Collier sent the Venmo payment and message to Amanda (meaning he couldn’t get off work early so they won’t let me go) or Amanda sent it to herself and wanted it to look like a kid napping saying it was a “cryptic” message “they” won’t let me go.

In the picture above you see the rented van that Debbie Collier drove (allegedly?) and parked on the side of the highway had left space for another vehicle to park next to her. Was she forced to park there and go into the woods? Was another vehicle with her at the beginning? Since it was 2 hours from when the Venmo message was sent until Amanda says she saw the message, that gave her plenty of time to drive back to Athens to her mother’s home. She also didn’t call 9-1-1 after seeing the message, but had her stepdad Steve Collier call police around 6pm when he says he got home from work.

Both Steve Collier and Amanda Bearden said that Debbie didn’t have her purse, yet in the Family Dollar video you see her with a purse. She doesn’t seem to have her wallet and pulls a debit card out of her pocket to pay for the strange items she purchased at Family Dollar.

Apparently before going to Family Dollar, Debbie was seen at a Chick Fil A drive through in Commerce, Georgia. It would be interesting to know how many meals she ordered then we would know who all was in the van with her, if anyone.

Still so many questions:

  1. Why did she drive 70 miles away from home to go into a Family Dollar store?
    • Was it so she wouldn’t be found right away by law enforcement and it would give the murderers time to do what they wanted?
    • If it was a suicide then was it so she could be as far from home as possible? Why not just overdose on pills at home? Why would she burn herself and cause more pain?
  2. Why did the police say at the beginning that this case was “targeted and personal” and there was NO sign of suicide or kidnapping, then change their minds?
  3. Where was Andrew Giegerich Saturday September 10th and Sunday September 11th?
  4. If Debbie was only burned on her stomach then why was her whole shirt off of her? How could the whole shirt burn away when she was found on her back on the ground clutching a tree branch?
  5. Why did Amanda say that it was strange for her mother to leave and not tell anyone where she was going on Saturday September 10th yet on the other hand she said she knew her mother was going to Family Dollar to buy cleaning supplies for her home (Amanda’s) which is owned by her mother and stepdad. Amanda also stated that she had texted back and forth with her mom on Saturday morning.
  6. Why was Amanda so close to where her mother’s van was found when the authorities called her about it? Why wasn’t she still in Athens? How did she know where it was? Also why was she hysterically crying before anyone had told her that her mother had died?
  7. Since the Venmo transfer of $2,385 was released back to Amanda Bearden, what did she spend it on? It’s been said (and I have this in a previous blog) that Amanda’s boyfriend owed exactly $2,385 in court fees. Were these paid off?
  8. What was the time of death for Debbie Collier? I would think the authorities would have a better idea of what time she died instead of just saying some time between 3:20pm Saturday (when she left the Family Dollar parking lot) and 12:44 Sunday (when the police found Debbie’s body). On the police report the officer stated that when he saw Debbie’s body he knew she was already dead. But, for how long?
  9. What was the motive for killing Debbie Collier?
    • Money for drugs (Amanda)
    • Revenge (Andrew, as Debbie had called the police on Andrew in the past).
    • Revenge (Morgan, possibly because her mother is in prison for 30 years for selling drugs yet Debbie keeps enabling Amanda to get more drugs and is free).
  10. Did Amanda say she believes her mother committed suicide so that she herself, Andrew and Morgan would never be charged with murder?
  11. Is this case really closed? Or do the police have to rule the case a suicide as well as the coroner before it is a closed case?
  12. Andrew Giegerich’s mother’s name is Vickie Lynn Terrell. The “snickering” sheriff (as Jeffrey Bearden spoke of him) is named Sheriff Joey Terrell. Are they related? And if so, is that why the sheriff laughed at Jeffrey Bearden (Debbie Collier’s son) when he spoke of her concerns over his family’s safety?

What do you think?