Why I Don’t Trust Ashton Kutcher’s THORN Group

Ashton Kutcher’s ex-wife Demi Moore is a co-founder of this organization THORN which is supposed to be eliminating child sex trafficking.

Do you remember seeing these images on you tube?

Do you remember reading her name on the list of visitor’s to Epstein’s Island?

Look at some of the companies that are in partnership with THORN.

Google? Microsoft? Facebook? Twitter? Verizon Media? These are all the new kind of “media” that is out there telling us what we can say and what we can listen to, view, etc.

Microsoft= Bill Gates. Mr “Depopulation Agenda”. Would you really believe that he cares anything about human trafficking, let alone child trafficking?

Facebook = Mark Zuckerburg who was also at Epstein Island and talked about taking adrenochrome.

Another partner (not seen above) is the McCain Foundation. John McCain. QAnon and others would describe him as “we don’t say his name” because he was so evil. He was executed for crimes against humanity. You think his foundation is going to help stop child trafficking? No. It’s not. It’s an infiltrator that will help find the kids and keep the trafficking going. The same goes for this organization THORN.

Please do NOT support THORN ever. If you really want to help to stop child sex trafficking world wide then support Operation Underground Railroad, which the movie “The Sound of Freedom” is about. Tim Ballard founded that organization since he was only allowed to do so much with the Department of Homeland Security in the United States. Now he can help children all over the world to be rescued with his team.

Remember, when you see Ashton Kutcher talking about how he has two young daughters and how he wouldn’t want anything to happen to them and he’s crying to John McCain asking for help…he is an ACTOR! He is an infiltrator. Do not believe he is out to help anyone.

The Podestas and Madeleine McCann

I have had many comments from my videos on Madeleine McCann telling me that somehow the brothers John and Tony Podesta had something to do with Maddie’s “disappearance” and possibly even Ghislane Maxwell was involved. The following video is NOT mine, but I wanted to share it here because it shows how these rumors started. I do believe these three people are horrible criminals who have done disgusting things to children, but I don’t believe they had anything to do with Madeleine McCann, based on what is told in this video and in the documentary with Goncalo Amaral which I have posted on Rumble and You Tube.

Video by Elena Promise on You Tube.

However, Gerald McCann was seen with the “red shoe club” and in this photo with Tony Podesta next to him. So this causes a lot of concern as to what really happened to Madeleine.

I have done videos on what the red shoes represent in the past. In case you don’t know, they are made of the skin of murdered children. There was a radio interview in France where MacCaulay Culkin spoke about this and how Heather O’Rourke’s body was made into shoes. When he was told this Mac threw up on the man’s shoes who was telling him this. The man was a producer or director of the movie MacCauley was working on. At the time MacCaulay was 11 years old.

Epstein’s Flight Log

Here is the flight log that was available 2 years ago. I have not seen the one that is out now, but I have been told that it is edited from this one so some names are actually missing on the “new” list.

Keep in mind some famous people who went to the island (Little St. James Island) arrived using their own private jets so they were not on the flight log. Some also arrived by submarine. I believe there is a Disney Cruise that would bring children there as well (I did a video on this a few years ago). So everyone who went to the island is not on this list, but this does tell us quite a few of the people who did.

Isaac Kappy spoke about the child pedophiles before we ever saw the list and many of the names he gave are on the list; so we know he was telling us the truth.

I’m sorry it’s a little blurry. I took a screenshot from a video I did two years ago. I hope you can still make out the names.

Here are two more lists that are similar and easier to read.

Clearer Picture of Handwriting – The Judds

I apologize for the blurry pictures on the video of “Naomi Judd’s Suspicious Death Part 2”. Here they are so you can compare the handwriting and let me know what you think. Did Naomi write the note?

Another good question is, how did the gun get on the nightstand if she shot herself? They said the note was found next to her yet we saw it on the nightstand as well. How many things were moved and manipulated before the police obtained the search warrant?

Naomi Judd’s Suspicious Death – My Notes


1. What Ki Jenn said in her Tik Tok video. How is it possible that Ashley Judd never heard the gunshot? Also the “comforting friend” never heard the gunshot? But she “discovered” her mother after going upstairs just a minute or so after it happened? What happened to “the comforting friend”?

2. In the NYT article Ashley states that she held her mother’s laboring body after discovering her. So who called 911? Why did the police come and not EMTs? No ambulance?

3. Also in the NYT article Ashley Judd stated that the police conducted FOUR interviews with her. She couldn’t even finished saying goodbye to her mother who hadn’t fully passed on when the police were there because they were interrogating Ashley. Ashley felt like a “suspect in her own mother’s suicide” she said. Why did the police believe Ashley had something to do with it?

4. Ashley said to Diane Sawyer that she “walked her home” when speaking about her mother’s passing. That sounds like murder or an assisted suicide to me. What did she mean by that?

5. Why does Ashley want to protect the privacy of the interviews she had with law enforcement when they came after her mother had allegedly shot herself? She says it’s for her mother’s dignity, but I’m not buying that. How would it help any other family members if she was the only one there with her mother? She never identifies the “comforting friend”.

6. If Ashley knew her mother was so fragile then why was a gun left where her mother could get to it? Why didn’t Ashley see the suicide note if she had visited her mother every day when she was in Tennessee, as she said?

7. Why were both daughters left out of Naomi’s will? 25 million dollars was left only to Naomi’s husband, Larry Strickland.

8. Naomi Judd died just one day before being inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame. Still, both Ashley Judd and Wynonna Judd were there to accept the award. How could they go to this award ceremony just hours after their mother had died? Anyone would have understood if they had rescheduled the ceremony.

9. Wynonna still went touring even without her mother. Seems odd since it was supposed to be done with both of them. I would think she would have cancelled this as well.

10. According to Gematria, a channel on Bitchute, JosephAcquaviva2222 says that Naomi’s death was not a suicide but it was either a hoax and she is still alive, or she was a sacrifice.

What do you think?

President Trump’s Message Today

One thing he said that stuck out to me was, that in the fight for Freedom of Speech “these things must happen IMMEDIATELY and here’s my plan. Within hours of my inauguration.” He said these things must happen IMMEDIATELY. THEN he said “within hours of my inauguration.” So does this mean we won’t have to wait until 2024 to actually see him back in office?

Fighting censorship means a lot to me. As you will see on the social blade information I will post here, I had 174,000 subscribers to my You Tube Channel. This says I made a lot of money but I actually didn’t make any and I was shut down without any warning. At least 30 other channels similar to mine were shut down at the same time also without warning. This shouldn’t happen.

I’m slowly trying to build my channel on You Tube back up but it’s nothing like it used to be. I’m presently at less than 400 subscribers. This is also at least the 3rd time I’ve tried to put my channel back up on You Tube, if not the 4th time.

Another thing that bothers me is, I never received the Silver Play Button Award that creators receive from You Tube after having 100,000 subscribers. I nearly doubled that but I was never given the award. I emailed You Tube but like always I was ignored.

I’m sure I’m not the only Content Creator who was treated this way and I’m glad to see President Trump (yes he’s still MY President!) will continue to fight for us.

What will this fight for Freedom of Speech, even online, mean for you? Tell me in the comments.