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EBS = Emergency Broadcast System

45 = President Trump

[THEY] = Deep State

NCSWIC = Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming

I don’t know what V[x means. Does V mean virus? Also why does P.A.I.N. have a period after each letter like it must stand for something other than just pain? Anyone know?

The “near death experience” is something Juan O’Savin has mentioned several times. That is what our country feels like. Feels like we are dying but we aren’t.

Hold the line Patriots. So much is happening that we can’t see.



Very interesting picture. The only military person in camos is on number 17. What is the 1`7th letter of the alphabet? He is looking directly at President Trump as if waiting for his next orders. They don’t take orders from Bye Din.

President Trump is standing right behind space 19. One step and he’ll be in 19. The 19th President of the United States (Republic).