Naomi Judd’s Suspicious Death – My Notes

WHAT I FIND SUSPICIOUS ABOUT NAOMI JUDD’S DEATH 1. What Ki Jenn said in her Tik Tok video. How is it possible that Ashley Judd never heard the gunshot? Also the “comforting friend” never heard the gunshot? But she “discovered” her mother after going upstairs just a minute or so after it happened? What happenedContinue reading “Naomi Judd’s Suspicious Death – My Notes”

President Trump’s Message Today

One thing he said that stuck out to me was, that in the fight for Freedom of Speech “these things must happen IMMEDIATELY and here’s my plan. Within hours of my inauguration.” He said these things must happen IMMEDIATELY. THEN he said “within hours of my inauguration.” So does this mean we won’t have toContinue reading “President Trump’s Message Today”

Some of My Notes On The Idaho Four Murders Hoax

If you haven’t seen my video “Don’t Believe Everything They Say” then watch this as soon as you’re able. Here are some notes on why I believe the whole story is a hoax (psy-op). I don’t know why, but maybe the media is wanting us to keep our eyes on Idaho so we won’t seeContinue reading “Some of My Notes On The Idaho Four Murders Hoax”

“They” Won’t Let Me Go – The Debbie Collier Case

I realize the coroner has ruled this case as a suicide, but I just don’t agree with that at all. Here are some of my thoughts on what might have happened. Jeffrey Bearden, Debbie Collier’s son, said he wasn’t convinced that it was his mother in the footage from the Family Dollar store. She neverContinue reading ““They” Won’t Let Me Go – The Debbie Collier Case”