Naomi Judd’s Suspicious Death – My Notes


1. What Ki Jenn said in her Tik Tok video. How is it possible that Ashley Judd never heard the gunshot? Also the “comforting friend” never heard the gunshot? But she “discovered” her mother after going upstairs just a minute or so after it happened? What happened to “the comforting friend”?

2. In the NYT article Ashley states that she held her mother’s laboring body after discovering her. So who called 911? Why did the police come and not EMTs? No ambulance?

3. Also in the NYT article Ashley Judd stated that the police conducted FOUR interviews with her. She couldn’t even finished saying goodbye to her mother who hadn’t fully passed on when the police were there because they were interrogating Ashley. Ashley felt like a “suspect in her own mother’s suicide” she said. Why did the police believe Ashley had something to do with it?

4. Ashley said to Diane Sawyer that she “walked her home” when speaking about her mother’s passing. That sounds like murder or an assisted suicide to me. What did she mean by that?

5. Why does Ashley want to protect the privacy of the interviews she had with law enforcement when they came after her mother had allegedly shot herself? She says it’s for her mother’s dignity, but I’m not buying that. How would it help any other family members if she was the only one there with her mother? She never identifies the “comforting friend”.

6. If Ashley knew her mother was so fragile then why was a gun left where her mother could get to it? Why didn’t Ashley see the suicide note if she had visited her mother every day when she was in Tennessee, as she said?

7. Why were both daughters left out of Naomi’s will? 25 million dollars was left only to Naomi’s husband, Larry Strickland.

8. Naomi Judd died just one day before being inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame. Still, both Ashley Judd and Wynonna Judd were there to accept the award. How could they go to this award ceremony just hours after their mother had died? Anyone would have understood if they had rescheduled the ceremony.

9. Wynonna still went touring even without her mother. Seems odd since it was supposed to be done with both of them. I would think she would have cancelled this as well.

10. According to Gematria, a channel on Bitchute, JosephAcquaviva2222 says that Naomi’s death was not a suicide but it was either a hoax and she is still alive, or she was a sacrifice.

What do you think?

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