Be Prepared! EBS Will Soon Be Activated

I have listened to several different Patriots videos and put together a list of what they are saying we need to be doing NOW to be prepared for a possible nation-wide or even global black out. The President will send out a message on the Emergency Broadcast System soon. Be sure you do NOT do the updates on your Apple phone so you can receive the EBS messages.

  • Have enough food and water for at least 10 days at home.
  • Fill your car (s) with gas. It might be impossible to get gas during the black out.
  • Have cash on hand since the bank card machines will not be working.
  • Be ready with batteries, flashlights, and candles for light.
  • If possible, get a generator ready so your home will have power.

Military troops are already on the ground in several states. The Insurrection Act was signed and President Trump and the Military are in control. Many arrests are happening right now.

Do not worry. President Trump won by a landslide and Biden will not be President. Even if he is sworn in on Jan. 20th, it would be an illegal ceremony. Biden and Harris (or I should say their clones/doubles) will soon be arrested.

Cell phones will not be working, or internet or television. I suspect there will be no radio broadcasts during this blackout either.

Everyone stay safe. Things will be chaotic for awhile but then by March we will have a world that is better than we have ever imagined. #NESARA and #GESARA. So hang in there. It will be worth it all.

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  1. I loved the way u did u posts on ones arrested with the pictures.on the had look hard for u I’m 76 so not good with computers. Miss u

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