When I had my You Tube Channel I was up to 174,00 + subscribers. It was fun to read the comments from the “regulars” that would post each day. Then October 15, 2020 my channel was taken down with no warning. Many other channels were taken down also who had conservative views. I counted about 30 other channels taken down the same day I was.

Now we have all tried to find new platforms. I tried putting all my work on Vimeo and was glad to see the playlists (called showcases there) so I could categorize the videos and everyone could find their favorites easily. Then after hours and hours of work Vimeo also took down my channel without warning or reason.

So I went back to Bitchute and Rumble. I was also told about UGEtube and Odysee. So far so good with all of these. (Links at tab above).

After all this I was also suspended from Twitter. I see our President has also been kicked off Twitter so I am in good company and feel I must be doing something right.

I went to Parler, which since has been taken down from the Internet. Hopefully they will find another IT giant to host their platform so we will have a voice again.

I’m also on GAB, but that is overloaded with people joining right now and almost impossible to post.

They don’t want us to spread the truth or even our opinions of the truth at all because it differs with the fake news that CNN and all of the main stream media keeps promoting. They fear us, like the picture above says. But they can’t stop us from getting the truth out.

So that’s why I started this website. So those who were among the 174,000 could find me and find their favorite videos. Also so new viewers could come and see my work without fear of it being taken down.

I hope you enjoy this website. Please post your comments and let me know if you were looking for me all this time! Thanks so much.

` Alice

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