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EBS = Emergency Broadcast System

45 = President Trump

[THEY] = Deep State

NCSWIC = Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming

I don’t know what V[x means. Does V mean virus? Also why does P.A.I.N. have a period after each letter like it must stand for something other than just pain? Anyone know?

The “near death experience” is something Juan O’Savin has mentioned several times. That is what our country feels like. Feels like we are dying but we aren’t.

Hold the line Patriots. So much is happening that we can’t see.



Very interesting picture. The only military person in camos is on number 17. What is the 1`7th letter of the alphabet? He is looking directly at President Trump as if waiting for his next orders. They don’t take orders from Bye Din.

President Trump is standing right behind space 19. One step and he’ll be in 19. The 19th President of the United States (Republic).

Update on Richard Citizen Journalist

In case this comes out too small to read I will type out here what he says:

Hey guys! I’m back! There have been a lot of wild, unsubstantiated rumors flying around regarding my whereabouts and let me just say this:

  1. Don’t believe what you’ve heard. It’s no where near the vicinity of actual facts.
  2. I’ve been advised by legal counsel to say nothing about the events that transpired. As soon as I can share some details with you I will. (It’s a process…but soon.)
  3. I can say I’m fine and well! It hasn’t been fun but I’m back, no worse for the wear and tear.
  4. I’m not that easily intimidated, Patriots. I will continue to expose, and report what I see!
  5. Your concern is very appreciated. I am humbled by the out pouring of support.

Dr. Charlie Ward and You Tube

I love Dr. Charlie Ward and his videos so I’m not saying this to start any problems. Just a little upset that my video “Where To Find You” about John Kennedy Jr. is on a couple of his videos (maybe more?) and nothing is said about it and I’m not given credit for the video. That seems strange for him to do. He seems like a very fair person. But anyways, it is what it is. Just so you know, that’s my video.

My You Tube Channel is still up. The back up one was shut down. However I can’t get into the main one to post anything. The subscribers keep going up in number, but I can’t add any videos to the channel. Thanks You Tube 😑 🀬 . Always ruining my channels!

So please go on over to Rumble if you want to see my videos. So far Rumble only took one of my videos down. The one they took down was about The Murders of Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington. I don’t know why it was taken down. Like You Tube, they don’t give a reason. They just say you’ve gone against their policies. Whatever that means! (The video is on my Odysee Channel)

So I’m still plugging along. Thank you, once again, for all your support!


A Little Update

I know I haven’t made a video in quite awhile. My Mom passed away April 10th. It’s hard to think about making videos for now, but I will get back to it again soon.

Also I was, once again, kicked off Twitter and my back up channel was kicked off You Tube. With that, I am trying to figure out how to put videos on my main You Tube channel that (by some miracle) is still up, Trouble is, I would log into it with the same gmail account as the backup channel. So I can’t log into it, except on my phone. I don’t know why. Maybe there’s a way I can put the videos up through my phone. Until I figure it out I will at least be on Rumble again soon.

Mike Lindell’s platform Frank Speech is supposed to be up here soon. I’m thinking of moving on over there since YT keeps kicking me off. Has anyone signed up on Mike Lindell’s site yet?

Thank you for your patience and support everyone. Keep holding the line and believing the best is yet to come.