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I couldn’t share these things on FB or Twitter, but I thought they were important enough to share on here. I am still able to share what I like (so far!) on my website.

First, this goes along with the video I did recently called “Inciting Violence”.

This next image is to help you in case you have an employer that is threatening to fire you if you refuse to get the C 19 vaccine. This is illegal!

I hope this helps someone. Please share this all around as it is most likely a huge problem in a lot of work places.

You Tube Channel

I don’t know how long this will last, or if I will be taken down before I put this post up, but here is a link to the you tube channel I just started. I named it Truther Mom so they don’t ban me so quickly.


So far I’ve only put up two videos. I’m trying to be careful with the titles and descriptions so they will stay up. I plan to put up more if YT will let me.

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Military Takes Over Communications/Media February 5th 2021 6pm EST (Possibly!)

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The Military Are In Charge! Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming!



Posted on  by John Helios 

The following come from two sources who do have some overlap and corroboration.

  • Simon Parkes’ report: 10th January Update Current News
    • Original plan was for President Trump to address people with updates by Mike Pompeo doing updates.
    • Plan didn’t go forward due to other events.
    • American defense contractor General Electric (GE) was to be sold secretly in Pakistan for $5.4 billion. GE is maker of the F-16 fighter jet’s engine and other technology.
    • GE’s sale was found to be in-progress after Nancy Pelosi’s laptop was apprehended during the recent Capital Building raid.
    • 40% of Pakistan suffered power outage while the sale was being stopped.
    • Italy gov’t may go down after Italian Leonardi satellite system was involved in 2020 Presidential election fraudulent results outcome.
    • Italian judge has signed a warrant for the arrest of Italian Prime Minister.
    • Pope likely has been taken out already. Recent sightings of Pope are likely CGI generated or holographic.
    • Power outage in Berlin, possibly due to Germany’s hosting of Dominion computer servers involving in voting results fraud.
    • Curfew in Quebec.
    • US troops deployed in California.
    • Insurrection Act signed evening of 1/9/2021.
    • Power outages expected in the UK. May affect water pumps in parts of UK.
    • Lt. General Flynn may be put forward as the new Vice President.
    • DO NOT TRUST MAINSTREAM MEDIA. Mainstream media may use CGI to change any announcements or recordings of President Trump.
  • Michael Jaco’s report: Things Are Going to Move Quickly Now. Stay Frosty and Get Ready for Emergency Broadcasts
    • Insurrection Act signed. Puts control of country under military, with President Trump as Commander in Chief.
    • Emergency Broadcast System (EBS) alerts expected.
    • Pence likely to be taken out and replaced by Flynn
    • Vatican has gone dark. Pope arrested for pedophlia.
    • Pakistan went dark after General Electric’s intention to sell itself out to China.
    • Italy gov’t may go down as Italian Leonardi satellite system was involved in 2020 Presidential election fraudulent results outcome.
    • Antifa raid on Capital Building was used by White Hat infiltrators to seize laptops left behind by deep state players in Capital Building at the time of the raid. Pelosi’s laptop lent evidence of General Electric’s intention to sell itself out to China.


I highly recommend you watch videos by Dr. Charlie Ward and Simon Parkes. They have a lot of information on how the inauguration was faked, pre-recorded, edited, and illegal. Biden is not the real President of the United States. President Trump will be back soon and most likely have his own inauguration on March 4th. I wish it was sooner, but they say that’s the date that was set in the Constitution. After a change made to the 20th Amendment of the Constitution, Franklin D. Roosevelt was the first President to have his inauguration ceremony on Jan. 20 in 1937.

Dr. Charlie Ward explains how the United States is no longer a corporation but a republic. Because of this Biden can not be President of a corporation that no longer exists. See my last two videos on Rumble to see how the inauguration was staged. Biden wasn’t even in the Oval Office signing Executive Orders. The Executive Orders were blank pages and didn’t even have the Presidential seal on them.

Also if you listen to Biden being sworn in, he never promises to fight America’s enemies “both foreign and domestic.” Possibly because he is one of those enemies and he is owned by China himself.

This is Clone Biden (Bidan) by the way. The real Joe Biden was executed in 2019 for crimes against humanity, as was his son Hunter Biden.

Simon Parkes was mentioning how the military didn’t salute Biden at the fake inauguration. They, in fact, turned their backs on him when he drove in the “presidential” motorcade. Jill Biden was offering cookies to those around the Inauguration and no one accepted them. I think that’s funny, but I wouldn’t want anything from her hands either.

Charlie Ward says that he is in Spain and had seen the Inauguration at 7am there on January 20th which would be 1am EST in Washington DC. This is proof that it was absolutely pre-recorded. My video “You Are Watching A Movie” (on Rumble) shows that the pre-recording was also edited, but they did a very sloppy job.

I am looking forward to this being over with and President Trump being back in office and in charge for the world to see. The wait is hard, but as I listen to other Patriots online it gives me hope that many things are happening behind the scenes and it won’t be much longer.