I highly recommend you watch videos by Dr. Charlie Ward and Simon Parkes. They have a lot of information on how the inauguration was faked, pre-recorded, edited, and illegal. Biden is not the real President of the United States. President Trump will be back soon and most likely have his own inauguration on March 4th.Continue reading “THE INAUGURATION WAS PRE-RECORDED”

There Will Be NO Inauguration On January 20th

For this blog post I will share the video I just put together. The first part is sharing a video from Robert Steele that I had found on GAB TV. He says there will be no Inauguration on January 20th and shares highlights of a dinner conversation he had with Juan O. Savin. Next onContinue reading “There Will Be NO Inauguration On January 20th”

Be Prepared! EBS Will Soon Be Activated

I have listened to several different Patriots videos and put together a list of what they are saying we need to be doing NOW to be prepared for a possible nation-wide or even global black out. The President will send out a message on the Emergency Broadcast System soon. Be sure you do NOT doContinue reading “Be Prepared! EBS Will Soon Be Activated”