Some of My Notes On The Idaho Four Murders Hoax

If you haven’t seen my video “Don’t Believe Everything They Say” then watch this as soon as you’re able. Here are some notes on why I believe the whole story is a hoax (psy-op). I don’t know why, but maybe the media is wanting us to keep our eyes on Idaho so we won’t see other things that are really happening.

  1. The House Was Recently Up For Rent

These two ads for the home where the four college students were “murdered”(allegedly) show a glass door. These are recent ads. When was the door changed to be a solid door with a key code access?

This is the door they keep showing in the news. No blood stains on the white door. Why was a Christmas wreath already up? They died on Nov. 13th and it wasn’t even Thanksgiving break yet.

2. What The Police Said

The two surviving roommates who had their bedrooms in the basement (same floor as the door pictured) said they had gotten up and saw on the second floor that it looked like one of their roommates had passed out. They called friends over. Then after the friends arrived someone called 9-1-1. From that one phone call “multiple people spoke with the 9-1-1 dispatcher before police arrived.” I’m assuming these friends were also college students. Out of all these “multiple” college students none of them told the 9-1-1 dispatcher anything about the multiple stab wounds that four of the roommates had suffered. They only said that it looked like one of the roommates had passed out.

On the news it showed the side of the house had blood dripping down to the outside. They are trying to say it was a massive amount of blood. Yet none of these students (college students. Educated people.) noticed the blood. Were they trying to hide something? Or were these phone calls never made? You notice no one has ever heard the audio of these phone calls like we did for the Heather Turner case from Dallas, Georgia or the Debbie Collier case from Athens, Georgia.

3.  Idaho State Police spokesman Aaron Snell says he didn’t see the scene and didn’t know what the two surviving roommates had seen so he didn’t know why they said it looked like someone was passed out and not that they were stabbed to death. Later, this same spokesman said that they believe it was a targeted attack based on what he saw at the scene of the crime. So did he see it or not? That still doesn’t explain how he could say it was a targeted crime.

Aaron Snell, Police Spokesman for Moscow, Idaho Police Department

4, These “murders” are similar to the Gainesville, Florida murders at a University in 1990 and also the Ted Bundy murders.

5. The coroner said the four students who died were killed in their sleep yet he also said they all had defensive wounds. How is that possible? How can you fight for your defense in your sleep? If the first student that was attacked fought back, then how did the others sleep through the rest? How did the two surviving roommates sleep through it all? Why didn’t the dog bark if they were trying to defend themselves?

6. They try to tell you the exact brand of knife and what type of knife was used in the murders, yet no murder weapon was found.

7. Every possible suspect was cleared immediately. Why?

8. The two surviving roommates who took their time to call 9-1-1 and then only reported a roommate was passed out, were never seen as suspects. YET there was no sign of forced entry into the house. Wouldn’t this make them suspects? They were already in the house and they survived! Why did they call friends to come over before calling the police? And why didn’t they tell police that the others were stabbed to death?

9. Kaylee called or texted her ex boyfriend Jack D. 10 times that night and the last call or text was at 2:54 am. The police say the murders happened around 3am. The coroner says Kaylee was asleep when she was murdered. So she was frantically trying to get in touch with Jack D. up until 2:54 am and fell into such a deep sleep 6 minutes later that she was stabbed to death and stayed asleep? What were her messages to Jack D.? We are never told that. Why didn’t Kaylee call the police instead of her EX boyfriend?

10. Police say the killer was sloppy and left a mess, but still no fingerprints from the killer, no DNA from his hair, nothing?

11. I have more notes at the end of my video. There were no surveillance videos found. This happens every time there’s a hoax. Suddenly there are no cameras or the cameras they have don’t work even if they are brand new (like Sandy Hook).

I believe this whole story is just a psy op and no one was killed. I don’t know the reason for it yet. If it had been guns then the reason would be clear; they are trying to take our guns away. But in this case they say it was a knife. Are they trying to have us live in fear? Or are they keeping our eyes off other things that are really happening so that we can’t stop them? We may find out soon.

4 thoughts on “Some of My Notes On The Idaho Four Murders Hoax

  1. Hoax was my very first impression and until today, I never gave it a minute of my time. Glad you put it all together for us.

  2. I thought this thing has been the Hoax since the very beginning of this whole thing and I live in Idaho. since you wrote this two months ago what do you think about it now?

  3. Convinced it is a hoax. All the photo’s are so beautifully posed, background not blurred, especially the 2 girls doing selfies. Great photographer’s all of them.

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