More Anne Heche Oddness

I shared on one of my recent videos about Anne Heche clips from this video by Simon1978 on Bitchute. He shows how the so-called homeowner of the house Anne’s car ran into and Anne herself look like the same person. I agree.

Anne and Abigail Heche

Then today I came across this picture of Anne and her sister Abigail. They look strikingly similar as well.

The name of the homeowner was also quite strange. Lynne Mishele. I kept messing with the letters and found the anagram “Ellen is my hen.”

Here is my comment to Simon1978:

Seeing how Anne sat up after being in the burning fire for over an hour without missing any hair or a stitch of clothing, I’m guessing she is in witness protection after standing up against trafficking of children.

They closed the case very quickly. Perhaps Ellen thought she got away with murder.

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