Red Flags With The Debbie Collier Case

The murder of Debbie Collier in the state of Georgia (where I live) has a lot of red flags in it’s stories being told by those who are closest to Debbie and should be caring about what happened to her.

Have you seen the husband put up a reward for whoever can find her murderer? Have you seen her daughter ask for help in finding the person or people who did this to her mother?

Why did Debbie drive 70 miles from her home just to go to a Family Dollar? Here in Georgia you can find Family Dollar stores like you can find Dollar General stores and Waffle House restaurants. They are all over the place. There was no reason she would have to drive so far just for that store. Someone had mentioned that Debbie worked for a real estate company, but she wasn’t dressed in such a way (on store surveillance camera) that would make me think she was doing anything for work that day. She looked more like she might be going to a football game.

Also the things Debbie Collier bought at the Family Dollar were strange. A rain poncho, a two roll pack of paper towels, a refillable torch lighter, a blue tarp and a red tote bag. Amanda Bearden (Debbie’s daughter) said that her Mom was buying these things to help her clean her apartment. How does this make sense? The only cleaning item was the paper towels. Was Amanda so broke that she can’t buy her own cleaning supplies?

Both Amanda Bearden and her stepfather Steven Collier said that Debbie had left the house without her purse or her credit cards. She only had her debit card and her driver’s license, according to Amanda. Steven said she didn’t have her driver’s license. In the video from the Family Dollar however, you see Debbie with her purse and she pays with what looks like her debit card.

She did have her phone, since Nancy Grace stated that the police found her phone at the crime scene near Debbie’s body but it was smashed to pieces. Someone didn’t want any evidence to be taken from the phone, but Nancy Grace also stated that it doesn’t matter if it was destroyed that all the evidence is still in the cloud. The digital forensics team will be able to recover all of it.

I think the phone was destroyed partly because now the police won’t be able to see that Debbie Collier never sent that Venmo payment to Amanda, but it was Steve that sent it. Also the “cryptic” message saying “they are not going to let me go” had nothing to do with Debbie being kidnapped. It had everything to do with Steve not being let off work early on the day that Debbie was being murdered. You can see by the images above that Steve had sent his stepdaughter money a few times with Venmo and a time previous to the one in question he had sent a large heart with the payment.

In the past Andrew Giegerich, Amanda’s boyfriend, has threatened Debbie Collier. I don’t know what it was about but this doesn’t make things look good for Andrew or Amanda. Also the amount that Steven Collier sent to Amanda by Venmo was enough to cover for most of Andrew’s legal fees. Both Amanda and Andrew have a checkered past and present.

I don’t know what the motive would be for any or all three of these people (Steve Collier, Amanda Bearden and Andrew Giegerich) to kill Debbie Collier would be but none of them are looking innocent to me.

The neighbors of the Colliers said that on weekends when a woman would come to visit their home they would hear shouting and fighting going on. We can only assume that woman would’ve been Debbie’s daughter, Amanda.

Amanda and Andrew have a lot of domestic violence charges against them as well as drug charges.

Another red flag is why was so much evidence left at the crime scene? The things that Debbie had bought at the Family Dollar were spread all over. The torch lighter was most likely used to burn her and some of her items. Why are there so many blue gloves? Were these from the police or from Amanda and Andrew as they didn’t want to leave any fingerprints behind?

I also noticed the cars that seem to match in these pictures.

So does this mean Debbie was being followed by Amanda and Andrew all 70 miles to the farthest Family Dollar she could find? Where did they tell police they were that afternoon?

Steve Collier was at work parking cars for the football game is what we are told. Police said they confirmed he was there. This is why I think the message “they won’t let me go” meant he couldn’t get off work. The message along with the Venmo payment to Amanda was sent at 3:17pm. Steve finally got off work after 4pm.

What do you think about this strange case? What could’ve been the motive to kill Debbie Collier? Do you think Steve, Amanda and/or Andrew had something to do with her murder?

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