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The real Johnny Depp was executed awhile back for crimes against humanity. See the execution lists videos within the video tab at the top of this website. The one you see in the courtrooms is not the real Johnny Depp but an impersonator.

Here is an old video on Johnny Depp that I put up on Rumble. It’s no longer on YT.

These People Are Sick #JohnnyDepp

Here is some posts Isaac Kappy wrote about Johnny Depp.


I haven’t been watching the Johnny Depp/Amber Heard trial at all. I don’t have any idea what is happening. Don’t take any of it to heart. This isn’t the real Johnny and if it was, you wouldn’t care what happens to him with all the evil he has been a part of.

2 thoughts on “Johnny Depp

  1. I thought so. His girlfriend of so many years moves back to France. Next relationship of the fricken wall. Very strange time’s indeed. Unless you recognize the pattern. I am looking forward to the day all is free to be seen in bright sunshine.

  2. Appreciate your channel, been following on Telegram. ALL of what is happening~ 😳😲 What an “Eye-Opener!” Thank you.

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