6 thoughts on “Proof Brian Laundrie Is Still Alive

  1. I agree that it is all highly suspicious, and I don’t think he’s dead. As far as where he is? It’s very hard to say where he might be. I would say not far from Mom and dad but who knows?

  2. That watch is completely different. But yeah the whole coming back to empty the storage bin is weird.

  3. He is alive 4 sure. All of this was fishy.The cadaver dogs would of found him&they never did.His parents did within a few minutes&planted evidence.

  4. I definitely think “Roberto” looks very similar to Brian. The watch however, totally different. And if that is actually Brian, he is really stupid. If he is trying to hide, he should definitely not be on any kind of social media, posting pictures of himself, even with a different name, and age. Just stupid.

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