2 thoughts on “Important Message From Robert Kennedy Jr.

  1. He’s absolutely right. They are coming for our children. They will never relinquish power we turn over to them. Have people for gotten we must protect our young and elderly?
    Please people stop using fluoride toothpaste it is making you weak minded.

  2. Thank you Mr Kennedy for your courage, insightful messages you are sharing with the world. We have entered dangerous times in our Homeland, we can’t let the communist win, we won’t let them win, we are Americans, and we stand for Freedom, and our country was built upon the Ten Commandments. My grandchildren,must inherit a FREE America! What Can We Do For Our Country. My favorite most wonderful President, JFk! The misfits, cowards and evil ones will not win. Impeach, Biden, the War Monger, we should not be starting another WAR. Let’s Yell it from the Roof Tops. No War!!! Help us Father in heaven! Biden us Nuts!

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