Is The Gabby Petito Story A False Flag?

I’ve gotten a lot of comments on my videos about Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie saying it’s all a false flag and no one has been murdered. It’s a fake story by the FBI to distract us from the vax, the audit in AZ , Afghanistan, and the volcanoes. Everything that is really going on.

I hope this is true and that this 22 year old girl is still alive. I don’t know what to believe about all of this.

I looked up Florida Crisis Actors. Many people believe the shooting in 2018 at Parkland School was a false flag with crisis actors. One of the victims of this shooting was Chris Hixson the coach from the school.

I noticed that he looked similar to Joe Petito, Gabby’s dad.

People are saying there are codes in the names. Gabby Petito = small talk. Brian Laundrie = Brain Washed.

What do you think? Are we being played by the media or was this young girl really murdered by her fiancé?

7 thoughts on “Is The Gabby Petito Story A False Flag?

  1. I do believe this is a false flag and we are dealing with crisis actors. I have been studying the news and youtube videos on this case and the Brian Laundrie story keeps changing, especially where his family is concerned. Also Gabby Petito and why are we not getting more autopsy information. These are things that strike me as odd

  2. There’s definitely some odd things about this case – very odd. I didn’t start to think this way until this foundation pops up and the parents are all over Dr. Phil and the media. I hope this doesn’t sound horrible to say, and I have no idea how I would react (nor do I want to think about it), but this all seems so fast for them to be doing this. And why don’t we have more autopsy information yet? So strange…

  3. When fox trotted Dr Baden out I knew something was up. Baden is always around conspiratorial deaths; belushi, oj, george floyd, epstain

  4. It is a clear False Flag. Funny fact check say Q is claiming this idk maybe they are they put out truth with lies to discredit truth, but Q is just made up of FBI lol bunch of bs. Truth seekers are awake I called Gabby without any research. Kids go missing every minute get NO news coverage funny timing with the V Genocide and NWO takeover. Every media outlet covering we know mainstream media are all owned and funded by globalists and parrot their indoctrination and false flags (Like Floyd and Jan 6th). After doing a tiny bit of research you find out the family friend lawyer is also a Clinton lawyer and defended Epstein. That alone is all the proof I need haha, but just the whole chain of events was clear BS funny the sheep will believe they just found his bones and the whole crazy story Dog the Bounty hunter coming in lol all the nonsense, but don’t believe tens of thousands of MDs and PHDs providing the stats, blood tests, autopsies, tests on vaccine vials. Literally heads of institutions, nobel prize recipients, whistleblowers, world renowned MDs. There is no reaching them and at this point it is to late anyways. Satan is control of ALL institutions and them just prepare the fall is here. Get your self mentally, physically and spiritually tough this is a war. Protect your family and friends expect the absolute worst and prepare. At the same time enjoy your time with your loved once and praise the Lord he is the only savior!

    1. A year later I find this article…and your amazing comment! People are waking up by the thousands now. We will win this war!!

  5. Ask yourselves why they both quit their jobs before the trip? How did young Brian manage to save 20k in the bank. What did Brian study in college? What was the purpose of Brian’s trip back to Florida alone before returning to Gabby’s side? The storage shed, one only empties a shed if they’re:moving to a bigger place, selling off the contents, or knows they’re not going to be around to pay the monthly fee.

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