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EBS = Emergency Broadcast System

45 = President Trump

[THEY] = Deep State

NCSWIC = Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming

I don’t know what V[x means. Does V mean virus? Also why does P.A.I.N. have a period after each letter like it must stand for something other than just pain? Anyone know?

The “near death experience” is something Juan O’Savin has mentioned several times. That is what our country feels like. Feels like we are dying but we aren’t.

Hold the line Patriots. So much is happening that we can’t see.


One thought on “SHOW THEM THE TRUTH

  1. Not sure what it all means. I feel the pain for sure. Today I took a cab to a drs appt. the first driver lost a coworker who had taken the jab. The second driver lost a woman from her church. Very healthy woman who passed two days after the jab.
    Alice take a look at Lifsitenews interesting info on Gates.


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